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Womb Yoga

Winter Season ~ Day Retreat

A nourishing day to cultivate presence in movement and stillness.

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The Winter Season invites us to go in, to dream,

replenish our energies,

and set intentions for the year ahead.

In this day retreat we will be doing different practices

to help us align with our inner rhythm & outer cycles.

And connect to our womb space,

the seat of our deep feelings and emotions,

our feminine nature & wisdom.

This practice will provide different ways to

ground into your body, reset your nervous system

and establish a heart-womb flow of energy.

What is womb yoga?

Womb Yoga is a practice designed to connect with our inner wisdom,

acknowledging and moving from our womb space,

cultivating presence and deep listening

to what is right for you in each moment. 

A cyclical practice for cyclical bodies!

As within, so without.

We will explore the cycles of Nature, of Earth & Moon,

and our inner rhythm through practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness

which helps us navigate the constant changes

in our bodies and around us.

This practice is designed for women of all ages and stages of life,

whether they are in their menstrual years or not,

pregnant or postnatal, with or without a physical womb. 

No yoga experience necessary ~ Come as you are.

We will sit in circle and co-create a space of learning

and sharing our experience of being woman.

Day Retreat Includes

✨ Embodied Yoga Practices

✨ Guided Meditation & Yoga Nidra

✨ Yin Yoga

✨ Heart Songs and Mantra

✨ Sharing Circle

✨ Nourishing Ayurvedic lunch 

✨ Tea and Snacks

Winter Season ~ Day Retreat

Saturday 29th July 

930 am - 5 pm


Exchange $130 

at Yoga Farm , Mt Dunned (Torquay)


Womb Yoga was a wondrous, embodied return home to the sacred space within.

Agustina's deep wisdom and her love and knowledge of the

Divine Feminine Mysteries radiates from her.

I thank her for the gift of such considered, embodied practices

and the sacred container she provides to richly

explore our Feminine Power.

Emily, 50

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