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Holistic Massage & Bodywork Sessions

Can help with injuries, aches & pains, relaxation & deep tension release.


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A ZenThai Shiatsu treatment combines

Thai Yoga Massage

stretching the body, creates space in the joints,

 release muscular tension

Zen Shiatsu 

techniques of acupressure & energy flow

5 elements & meridians 

energetic & organs system from TCM

Osteopathic & Remedial 

 techniques to work on structural issues,

pain, discomfort & fascia release.

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This is a holistic bodywork practice that offers an opportunity for deep listening, presence & mindfulness.

An exploration of Body~Mind~Spirit connection that can bring about

a feeling of ease and integration of all layers of Self

In my sessions I bring focused intention with loving touch to aid in the body’s relaxation & healing ability.

We work together to restore your body's ability to center, balance,

improve energy flow & overall feeling of wellness.

Sessions include assessment of energetic system & lifestyle advice.  More info on ZenthaiShiatsu here

This practice is done on a foam mat on the ground, fully clothed.  

Sessions are in Mt Duneed (15 minutes to Geelong and Torquay) and Portarlington, VIC.

 Mobile service available, transport rates apply

60 minutes ~ $90   /   90 minutes ~ $120

Gift vouchers available


MARKET STALLS - Summer Season ends March 2023

Torquay Cowrie Market - 3rd Sunday of the Month 

Ocean Grove - 1st Sunday of the Month



Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian healing practice.  

An energy clearing and integration of body & spirit that helps in removing layers of tension and deep held emotions.


It is a full body oil massage, with long-flowing strokes which can feel like the body is being gently rocked by the waves of the ocean, inviting the body to fully relax. 


Lomi Lomi is delivered with the spirit of Aloha, a prayer of unconditional love to your whole Self.

Lomi Lomi is a full body oil massage and is offered on a massage table

60 minutes ~ $100   /   90 minutes ~ $140

Sessions are offered in Portarlington

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