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Elemental Shakti

Meditations on the Goddesses of Yoga


5 Elements  ~ 5 aspects of the Goddess

Connect with the Divine Feminine principle in all life

through the archetypes of five Goddesses of Yoga and the Elements of Nature. 

Learn to recognise them, harness their power and understand how they manifest

in yourself and around you.

How the cycles of birth, death and rebirth 

are expressed in the dance of Śiva-Śakti

and finding balance in their union.

We will use different tools of yoga:

 movement,  breath, mantra and meditation

26th MAY Durga Ma will help ignite your inner strength & find grounding on the Earth
23rd JUNE Saraswati will awaken your inspired, creative self through flowing Waters
21st JULY Kali shows us how to bring about radical transformation & feeding our Fire
11th AUGUST Lakshmi offers her gifts to open yourself to an abundant life, moving like Air
1st SEPTEMBER Bhuvaneshwari Ma to reconnect with your inner being,

expansive Self and the Great Mother through the Ether

The sessions will be held monthly at Be Kind Studio, Jan Juc (Torquay), VIC

Wednesday nights 7pm to 815pm

Places are limited so we can create a small, intimate group.


these sessions are designed for women 

*discounted rate if you wish to book for all 5*

please contact me directly 

2022 dates to be announced

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