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Kamala is the Sanskrit name for Lotus Flower.


As a seed it can lay dormant in mud for hundreds of years.  When it is the right time to emerge, the lotus rises from darkness to light.  It opens to the sun and closes at night.

A lotus represents the potential to grow, to expand and open.  It also symbolises the ability to retreat back into the mud… the murky waters of our inner world.


It reflects our life on Earth as humans and as spiritual beings.  We are made of Earth, we mirror her and are danced by Her rhythms. 


The practice of yoga brings an understanding of our nature and our place in the world.  It supports us to navigate internal and external changes that are continually occurring.

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The lotus knows to wait for the right conditions so that it can emerge in

perfect harmony with nature’s cycles.  It teaches us to live by following our own path.  To reach up to fulfil our highest potential while staying grounded and embodied. 


Kamala Heart is a guide to find the precious bud of inner wisdom.  To unfold its petals into the light and to remember that we are purnam; full, complete and ever expanding and contracting. 

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Hello ! and thank you for visiting.

My name is Agustina Vigano, I am a woman passionate about health and wellbeing. I am driven to be the best human I can be while being of service

and living a conscious life. I dream of inspiring others to rediscover the best versions of themselves.

Exploring our rhythms and cycles and our undeniable connection to Nature is at the core of what I share in my workshops and classes.  I believe that yoga can be experienced as a tool of self-empowerment when we come to the mat with curiosity, self-compassion and an open heart and mind.  Yoga reconnects us to ourselves and helps us feel balanced and bring awareness to our lives.

Originally from Argentina, I spent 8 years travelling around the world.  I was fortunate to spend time in India immersed in learning Yoga with a number of different teachers from a variety of lineages.  Settling in Australia in 2014 gave me the opportunity to formalise my learning.

Yoga Training

500 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in  the Krishnamacharya Tradition Grounded in yoga therapy with the philosophy that respects each individual and meets them where they are at - Jill Harris 

Nada Yoga (yoga of sound) and Ayurvedic Wisdom - Dipika Delmenico,

Womb Yoga Training to support women through all stages of womanhood - Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. 

Yoga Nidra in the Satyananda tradition, a restful meditative practice for deep healing - Swami Premajyoti 

Yin Yoga TeacherTraining, combines long held poses and practice of mindfulness -Hugh Lee

Bodywork Training

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage - Saigon Om

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Hot Stone Massage -

Zenthai Shiatsu bodywork therapist  -

Pregnancy Zenthai bodywork -


Bahkti Yoga - Chanting and Mantra  

Performing as a member of Chantananda, a kīrtan (chanting) group, where I found my voice and dive into playing instruments to feed my passion for the healing power of sound.  There is something ancient and primal that we can tap into when we come together and sing to our own divine nature.  

I share and teach mantra in my classes and workshops, and offer community sessions monthly in Torquay with Chantananda.

I acknowledge the Land in which I live and teach, who supports me and reminds me to stay present and live in wonder.

I pay my respects to Her and to the Wadawurrung People of the Kulin Nation; all the past ancestors, present and ongoing custodians of the land and beings who live in harmony, connection, protection and respect.

I am a strong believer in the capacity for us humans to heal and the tools of yoga to be for Empowerment and Freedom.

I denounce any type of abuse of power, specially in the yogic traditions and schools.

I support Yoni Shakti: The movement to eradicate abuse of women in yoga

& reclaim yoga as a tool for planetary healing and justice.​

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