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Essence of Yin

Sound & Stillness Immersion

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An Immersion diving into the subtle essence and wisdom of our body

through Chanting and Yin Yoga

You will be guided through the fluid effortless element of water and the streams of our being. 


An opportunity to connect with your inner sound,

voice expression and deep listening through mantra chanting.

After sharing our voices, we will have a short break and slide into the yin yoga practice.


Working with the kidney meridian through various releases

and somatic experiencing the element of water.

Through listening and deep diving into the silence,

gentle fluency has the potential to stream within harmony.


A slow and meditative practice using props and lots of variations to meet everyone's needs.


All welcome, no chanting or yoga experience required. 


3 - 5pm

Ocean Grove

May this journey be in service to nourish, heal and evolve.

Agustina & Petra

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