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Elemental Shakti Materials

Meditations on the Goddesses of Yoga


Saraswati pfrint.jpg

Goddess of Knowledge and Speech.

She Who Flows in the form of ideas, inspiration, intuition. 

Power of intelligence, perfection and order.

Power to Create as a metaphorical Mother: she gives birth to ideas.

Discernment: The Swan like the lotus flower remains clean even in the muddy waters. Move from Lower Self impulses to Higher Self.

Discrimination of truth and liberating knowledge from information based on confusion and fear. 

Water element: purity, cleansing, nourishing

Moon energy, cooling silver light, flow of tides, Womb space


Eloquence, learning, executive, exactitude, certainty, patience, perfection, intuitive mind.

Mantra   Oṁ Aiṁ Saraswatayai Namaḥ

Listen recorded session on 23/June

Chant Krishna Das Kīrtan to Saraswati

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