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Elemental Shakti Materials

Meditations on the Goddesses of Yoga


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Material and Spiritual Abundance

True nature of Wealth is flowing, doesn’t have to be stored, she makes it a constant flow of energyx

Abundance is a state of mind: you think you deserve or not, we create what we think.

If we choose with full awareness – conscious choices- we are open to receive from infinite potentiality.

Heart center: surrender and trust

Air element: Heart Center. movement, activity, Self love

Vitality, Fertility, Dharma (universal), Divine Compassion, Beauty, Divine Provider, Nourishment, Love, Devotion, Generosity, Radiance, Contentment, Gratitude, Higher Values

Mantra   Oṁ Śrīm Mahā Lakṣmīyai Namaḥ

Listen recorded session on 11/August


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