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Elemental Shakti Materials

Meditations on the Goddesses of Yoga


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Reverence to the Earth Mother

Elemental nature (prakriti) = Remember what we are made of 

and who we really are (purusha)


Holding space, creating space

As Maha maya: Wrong understanding (veil that clouds our vision), False identifications & preconceived ideas, Limitations of knowledge, I AM is limited to labels, roles, constricted; SUFFERING – dhukam

As Maha Vidya: Right comprehension= Truth, Right knowledge lifts the veil, Limitless of our true nature, SELF KNOWLEDGE is witnessing awareness, Who we really are: limitless, unborn, undying; FREEDOM – sukham

Ether element: Freedom, space, awareness, devotional


She manifests as Bliss, joy, infinite loving kindness, love for everything that IS


Mantra   Oṁ Hrīṁ Bhuvaneshwaryai Namaḥ

Watch recorded session on 1/September 

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