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Elemental Shakti Materials

Meditations on the Goddesses of Yoga



Kali as Time and cycles: dance with Death, bring forth change and rebirth to sustain life.

Transformation and dissolution of what no longer server us.

Unconditional love and ultimate freedom from ego attachments

She is the wild feminine, the untamed woman and the intense lover of life.

Opposing forces: Spiritual Liberation & Fearsome, Love & Destruction,

Create & Destroy.

Radical Non Violence – ahimsa. Love and compassion for yourself, everything and everyone.

Taking responsibility and act from Truth. Svadyaya – self reflection

Fire element: Radiant, transformation, temperature, fuels action

Mantra   Oṁ Krīṁ Mahā Kaliyai Namaḥ

Chant to Kāli Mā

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